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Our Top 10 City Trips

Our Top 10 City Trips

New Pink Skyline prints that conjure up beloved memories of City travel

With this range, we have gone back through our travel archive and reminist about some of our favourite city destinations.

Inspired by some of the most popular and memorable travel destinations around the world, I am pleased to welcome a new skyline print range to our collection, formed of 36 cities from around the World. Many are also locations that we have visited ourselves.

For me, travel is one of the most special experiences in life. We’re been lucky enough to have travelled for long periods and working on the road, both before and after having our daughter. (currently, writing this, we are travelling around the island of Cyprus)

From the 36 designs created in the collection, online here. Below are 10 cities we have loved most:

1. Porto 

Our most loved European city, we’ve been here a number of times and have lived in different parts around the city. It’s the amazing light, the buildings, the food and the people that make it an amazing city. Our first time there back in 2015, our Airbnb hosts said we will take you for lunch to get to know you, there were four of them. Being in the city centre we though that we’d eat around the corner but nope…we were off in a car convoy 30 mins North, out to a glorious Fish Tavern by the coast. We had a large table and plenty of fresh fish. The hosts had work and children to attend to but were in no rush. We spent a pleasant four hours or so just chatting and enjoying a long, relaxed lunch….we were sold!

2. Berlin

We saw the city change from the golden light of a late, warm summer to the fresh, icy change into winter. We loved the fact that there was always an event going on, hamburgers & hip-hop was one we fondly remember. There was so much to see and do. We stayed only 20 mins walk to the centre but it was so calm and leafy, dreamy even!

3. New York City

This was the first place we worked & lived at remotely after Elliot came aboard the business in 2015. Staying in Brooklyn, there was such a great vibe and energy to the place and did I mention the FOOD…may have slightly indulged! We did have one hiccup though on the trip, as we were leaving and re-entering the USA via Canada for a bit. We didn’t realise it all count towards our 90 day VISA, so from a freezing New York, we left for a two day VISA run to Panama City. From snow boots to flip flops, that was a crazy few days.

4. Paris

We have been many times but I think back to our time staying in the 10th arrondissement. Seeing the city go from being very quiet in August, turn back into the bustling city as Parisans came back from holidaying. In the 10th it was magical with the quaint footbridges, bohemian cafes of Canal Saint-Martin, the hip bars and the epic Marché Saint-Martin with it’s gourmet food stalls. We walked everywhere, all over the city. I always think it’s the shortest journey you can do from the UK while getting the biggest cultural awakening.

5. Tokyo

Without a doubt it was the biggest cultural difference we have experienced. The customs, such as the way we were handed our shopping receipt after a little dance/bow from the cashier. The efficient yet confusing transportation, the numerous amounts of animal cafes and just how busy it all was. However also how quiet it was only a few minutes from Shibuya, the busiest crossing in the World. Another thing that surprised us was how retro it was, we had visions of cutting-edge technology and flying skateboards but it was more of a cosy feel. You have to go, if you haven’t, nothing can prepare you for it!

6. Kuala Lumpar

KL and Malaysia in general, was our favourite stop when exploring South East Asia in 2016. The city has the right blend of history & colonial heritage and modern, hipster liveability. The friendliness of the people though really stood out, so many wonderful encounters; people we met would drop everything to take us out for dinners. We felt so safe there, I even got a lift with a group of university students who were doing a film project. Being from North London I would never just jump in a car with anyone but there it just felt safe.

7. Bangkok

Stepping out at Bangkok Airport, we were both so nervous. It was our first glimpse of Asia and we were so determined not to be taken advantage of, from the stories that you read online. Every step felt like an achievement getting to the hostel we were staying in. We darted over the road for a pot of noodles on the first night and we were safely back again, in an immensely busy and vibrant city. Then…after that we started to swing into the pace of things here and it was a fantastic experience. The city from pulsating all day and night, we loved the energy, the street food and the many random things we saw. We remember in Lumphini Park, we saw monitor lizards climb out of the water and into pedal boat rentals (a surprise for the next customers!) and the whole of the park stand still as the national anthem was played in the middle of the day. It’s these kind of moments you remember most from travel.

8. Milan

The afternoon light and views from the top of the Duomo di Milano were amazing and something that we will always remember. You could really walk around all over the rooftop, less health & safety than you would expect. We spent ages taking it all in. After we walked down by the Navigli Milano (Canals), with the sun setting, we grabbed drinks and aperitivo. You can enjoy aperitivo all over Italy, but in Milan, it's a ritual and they do it best, between the hours of 6pm and 8pm, the whole city seems to be enjoying a spritz.

9. Edinburgh

Our first trip away together, luxury was the last thing you’d say when describing this one. As second year uni students, we were used to staying up late but the 11pm megabus from London Victoria and switching to a new bus in Newcastle at 4am was tricky! But we did save money on a hotel (just sleep on the bus!) and arrived in Edinburgh at 7am ready to sightsee. It was all so cosy in the run up to Christmas with the German market in full swing and ice skating. It was probably the coldest I had been though and I remember shivering to sleep that night. It was our first trip away together though and we had such a wonderful time in the crisp, winter sun. For me, Edinburgh is the best UK city…second only to London.


The cleanliness, the efficiency and the colonial heritage of the place. It was a shock after spending a month in the Philippines and flying in from Manilla. We were in backpacker mode so stayed in ‘Little India’, the slightly more affordable, slightly scruffy cousin to the rest of the city. It was a melting pot of different people, cultures and architecture. Walking through Gardens by the Bay was mind blowing, it was an afternoon taking many photos.

- - - - -

With the artwork created, and when choosing the view to draw from, I looked for the iconic buildings that makes each place so special, as well as rivers and bridges that are such a lovely part of each place.

Each design is created from original hand drawings. Dreamy tones of pink highlights are then added into the design, almost like it is a view of a beautiful skyline scene within each city. I wanted the style to be minimalistic and sophisticated, and took inspiration from vintage travel posters as well.

These prints would make a wonderful addition to any gallery wall, where you could interweave one or more of these prints, with framed travel photos and other location prints.

Oh and if you’re thinking of planning a trip, and wonder whether you should. I’ll leave you with this travel quote….

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”

What’s your favourite city visited so far? Why?

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